About CV-Insight

This is a tool for automatically creating and analyzing performance reports for communication channels such as websites and social networks.
It eliminates time wasted collecting data and allows users to focus on creating value-added strategies.

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About CV as an Indicator

One page view on a website and one instance of playback of video content are each measured as a single CV (content view). This allows unified measurement of data independent of the platforms being examined.

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Centralized Social and Web Analytics

A single tool aggregates all your accounts maintained on Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and automatically gathers data into analytical reports. With CV-Insight, you can save considerable time and cost.

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Beautiful and Sophisticated Reports

With an easy-to-use interface and beautifully organized graphs, CV-Insight allows you to save time to conduct multichannel analyses.

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Campaign Tracking

You can track multiple campaigns conducted simultaneously across multiple channels. You can add campaign URLs for unprecendented frequency and precision of reporting.

Automatically aggregates account data.

Google Analytics

Aggregates website page views.

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Aggregates number of views for uploaded videos.

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Aggregates number of views for submitted videos and images.

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Aggregates number of views for videos and images.

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Use multi-channel reports to find valuable data that would otherwise be overlooked.

Use CV-Insight to power your data-driven marketing strategy.


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We offer a dashboard that allows brands to get a more concrete understanding of their channels viewers.

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Multi-channel reports are available for easy understanding of campaign results.

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We offer functionality to analyze all channels with a single tool and dramatically reduce operational costs associated with distributed media.

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