Aggregates total playbacks and displayed images from posts.

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See video playback and image display trends in graph format.

Displays trends in video playbacks and times images were displayed in a multi-line graph. This feature can be customized to show a specific date range.

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Post list

Displays a list of posts to a Facebook page.
Use the search form to filter for specific content.

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Check data on a given video. Use this report to see playbacks, playback rate, automatic playbacks, and playbacks from clicks.

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Organic / Paid

Determine organic reach and ad reach totals.

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Fans / Non-Fans

Determine fan reach and non-fan reach totals.

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Likes, Comments, Shares

Determine number of Likes, comments, and reshares.

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Post clicks

Determine how many times a post was clicked.

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Check total Likes and Really Likes an item received.

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Negative feedback

Determine how many negative reactions there were.

Share reports easily

You can create a public URL for each report. The costs of creating documents using Excel or other programs is eliminated, and reports can be easily shared with anyone.

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