Facebook Insight - an analytics tool

Compare the page posting performance of rival Facebook pages.

For example, analysis of BuzzFeed's facebook page is ...

Number of Posts in a Day

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For example, analysis of Huffington Post's facebook page is ...

Number of Posts in a Day

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Posting performance of rival Facebook pages is displayed in list format

When you register a rival Facebook page, its posts are automatically collected and analyzed daily. The performance of Facebook pages can be compared using a list display.

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The growth of Facebook pages is graphed

Changes in “numbers of Facebook page Likes” and “People Talking About This” are displayed in graph format.

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Popular Posts

Popular posts from those within a one-week timeframe are displayed.

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Number of posts daily and post times are analyzed

You can check the time slots and numbers of posts at a glance. Techniques for managing relevant Facebook pages are visualized.

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Distribution of Posts Type

Proportions of post types, including videos and links, are displayed in graph format.

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