About CV as an Indicator

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About CV (Content View)

With the delivery of a variety of different types of content over multiple channels to users, it is no longer possible to measure the number of times content has been viewed based solely on the number of page views (PV), a metric which has historically been emphasized in web media. This issue can be addressed by using a new metric known as content views (CV) to conduct effective measurement. CV allows the measurement not only of the number of content views through a company's actual website, but also the number of times content was viewed through other social media as well.
For example, views of a video posted on YouTube or Facebook, as well as views of an image posted to Facebook or Twitter, can all be counted as content views.

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To "CV" from "PV"

Of course, for media that does not make use of social networks and relies solely on a website for distribution, the PV metric may be sufficient. On the other hand, however, with distributed media (media that focuses on active content delivery through social networks), CV is a more important indicator. In cases where multiple channels are in use, shifting the indicator used from PV to CV enables more accurate measurement.

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