Trust Authority Transfer

Show reports for content outside of your control

CV-Insight also makes it possible to view reports for content that you do not manage. Since performance reports are secure information, an operation known as a "view request" is required, and this can be easily handled from CV-Insight's management screen. After a request has been sent, the manager of the requested content simply has to grant rights for the content URL to allow the requesting party to view the performance of the requested content outside their control.

Automate everyday reporting tasks in a secure environment

In the past, if you wanted to share your channel management screen with your colleagues and partners, you needed to give them your username and password. Giving another party access to your account in this way presents a huge security risk. With CV-Insight, a viewing URL can be sent for each content report, allowing them to be shared safely. The reports viewable through these URLs are updated on a daily basis, allowing the URLs to be shared only once and eliminating the need to send additional URLs each day.

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