Campaign Tracking

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Automate tedious tasks

Users can conduct tracking of campaigns that are being run simultaneously on different channels. For example, for a new promotion for a product, a user might create a new website, post videos about the product to YouTube and make postings about the product to Facebook and Twitter. Previously, data had to be gathered from the management screen for each channel and placed into Excel or another tool in order to compare performance.
Now, CV-Insight can perform those tasks for you, all in one place.

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Instantly view results with CV groups

CV-Insight gathers data on all this diverse content and allows you to slice and analyze performance across multiple channels.
Add content URLs to a CV group (you can add as many as you like) and you will be able to instantly view your campaign results at any time.

You can start using CV-Insight immediately,
free of charge.

A free trial is available which allows you to use the features available in paid versions.