Aggregates data on total playbacks of uploaded videos.

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Visualize playback trends in graph format

Displays playback trends in multi-line graphs. Customize this feature to specify a date range.

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Video list

Displays a list of videos uploaded to the channel. Sort by most recent or videos with most playbacks.
Use the search form to filter for specific videos.

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User layer

Determine what sort of users watched a video. This report is generated based on all users logged in via their devices.

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Traffic source

Determine what sites users found content from, or what YouTube function. Use this report to analyze in detail the various methods by which users find your content.

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Determine what devices users played back content from. Check whether they watched the video on a computer, mobile phone, television, game console, or other device.

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Determine the OS of users viewing videos. Check whether they used Android, iOS, or another OS.

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Playback location

Displays the various playback locations of data, allowing you to determine where your data is most viewed.

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Determine the region from which a user played back a video.

Share reports easily

You can create a public URL for each report. The costs of creating documents using Excel or other programs is eliminated, and reports can be easily shared with anyone.

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