YouTube Insight - an analytics tool

The insight feature automatically collects and analyzes data of YouTube channels every day. Then, it makes you easily get the results such as number of likes.

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Peformance list of YouTube channels

Data of YouTube channels are automatically collected and analyzed every day by registering YouTube channel url. It's easy to compare pupular channels and growing channels widh performance.

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Detail analysis YouTube channels by insight feature

The insight feature displays some total numbers of videos which were posted in a channel.

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Check popular videos in the channel

The feature makes the channel video ranking.As it shows numbers of likes and comments which have been only shown on the player page, you could analyze the channel at once.

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Grasp length of videos

The rate of videos length are shown at insight detail pages. It makes you grasp some strategy of YouTube channels for getting users.

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A free trial is available which allows you to use the features available in paid versions.