Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Speech National Assembly Islamabad

Live Stream: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Speech National Assembly Islamabad (13.05.19)

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Today, I’m glad that National Assembly is backing a Constitutional Amendment that will make the people of tribal districts feel that the whole country is standing with them, they faced a lot of hardships and now they will be mainstreamed. The 26th Constitutional Amendment will allow tribal districts people to have more representation in National and Provincial Assemblies, enabling them to have a greater say in how they should be governed. All provinces should allocate 3% from NFC for development of tribal districts, the destruction caused in tribal districts due to the war on terror is massive, KP alone can not rehabilitate tribal districts, therefore all provinces should help. Houses and businesses destroyed of tribal people, now they need employment opportunities and infrastructure and that’s possible only when all provinces of Pakistan come forward and help tribal districts. Separation of East Pakistan was a disaster, it happened because there was a feeling of being left-out & deprived of rights, we should learn a lesson from it, no region should feel that Federation don’t own them, it’s being exploited by enemies. Our development plan will be inclusive, the regions left behind will be developed and brought on par with developed regions. This bill is very important as it will send a message to tribal people that we respect and honour their sacrifices and we will take all steps to resolve all their issues.
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